Tall Trapezoid Tote Red Handle (Large)

Do you like a bit of classic chic? This large stylish tote bag is perfect for making a fashion statement. It is large but not too bulky. It's wide and tall which is a perfect for carrying... just about anything, including documents and files. The classic natural water hyacinth colour and texture are styled with pinky red faux leather handles. The intoxicating scent of water hyacinth adds a rustic homey touch. A great way to make a statement!


  • Water hyacinth
  • Pinky red faux leather handles
  • Magnetic snap button
  • Cotton lining with zipper pouch
Dimensions Width Length Height
Centimetre 14 46 35
Inch 5.5 18.1 13.8


Each bag is individually handmade, so the colour, texture, and dimensions may vary slightly.

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